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Trevozhnaya molodost (1955)
No Review

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Aki tachinu (1960)
Single mum (father of child dead) from the country with 6th grade boy comes to Tokyo, leaves the boy to live with his uncle's family - wife, male, female teens, run a struggling greengrocer - and lives/ works in local inn. He gets bullied/ fights with local boys, goes to the baths, plays basketball, is befriended by his male cousin and becomes friendly with grade 4 girl who's the daughter of the innkeeper, who employs his mum and is the longterm mistress of a businessman from another town, who's the girl's father and who brings her half sister and brother to meet her but they're mean to her. Meanwhile the boy's mother gets friendly with one of the inn's clients and chucks her job for a trip or something more permanent with him. The young girl takes him shopping, and wants the boy to live with her and her mother, but mother and father refuse so the two kids go to a seaside where he sprains his ankle and they're late back even though the police get them and they're in trouble. The boy loses his beetle and tries to get another for the girl for a school project but when he does, she's moved house with her mother at the urging of her father. Clear? It's better in the film.

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S tebou me baví svet (1983)
No Review

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Gøy på landet (1992)
No Review



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Graine d'ortie (1973– )
No Review

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No, or the Vain Glory of Command (1990)
Episodes from entire military history of Portugal are told through flashbacks as a professorish soldier recounts them while marching through a Portuguese African colony in 1973. He easily draws his comrades into philosophical musings, and the little contingent suffers badly at the hands of the local military opposition.


mrbr495 1-3.rar

mrbr495. 2-3.rar

mrbr495. 3-3.rar

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Afrodita (1993)
No Review


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Sweetwater (1988)
The action takes place in a grim anarchist future civilization after a big crash or war. A young man, Allan (Bentein Baardson), decides to move out of the city as his family live in. He brings his wife, Lisa ('Petronella Barker'), and the son to a big garbage dump located outside the city. Where they settle and survive on the waste they find on the dump. They are in many ways more closely related to each other by living this way, and Lisa eventually becomes pregnant. But there is a great shortage of water (Sweetwater) and the family of three must go out and look for water. When they discover they are not alone in staying in landfill. It will be a struggle for existence.


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Varljivo leto '68 (1984)
For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968.



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mrbr492. 3-4.rar

mrbr492. 4-4.rar

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